Winter Cleaning

As Spring approaches and the weather improves, we feel the urge to open the windows, let in the fresh air and start cleaning our homes.  But Spring can also be the time when we want to get out of our homes after being stuck indoors for so long.  So, while we are stuck indoors, why not do the cleaning now?

You and your family are likely tracking snow and salt inside, the fireplace is circulating ash, your furnace is constantly pumping out heat and all that dirt has nowhere to go because you’ve got your windows closed tightly.  Having a freshly cleaned home can be therapeutic for your soul and provide your body with a way to work out some of the “cabin fever” frustation that Winter often causes.

Here are a few easy cleaning items that can help brighten up your home over the winter months:

1. Clean Your Furnace

Change your furnace filter once a month. This keeps your indoor air clean and will allow your furnace to operate more efficiently.   While you’re changing the filter, wipe off any dirt from the surface of the furnace and vacuum any dust bunnies rolling around underneath it.

2. Create a Boot Drop Zone

As snowy boots come into your home, they are likely also bringing in salt.  Make sure you have a boot storage tray near the door so that family and guests don’t track salt and water throughout the home.   These trays are often made of rubber and have a raised edge so capture the snow as it melts from your boots.

3. Dust

Homes can get very dusty in the winter because the air is so warm and dry and we don’t have fresh air blowing through open windows. Dust your surfaces from top to bottom to help keep the dust to a manageable level. Don’t forget ceiling fan blades, the tops of window moldings, and the tops of books – all of which are often overlooked and can collect dust easily.

Also, give your lighting fixtures a good dusting. Dust easily collects on them during the winter too, and can make your indoor light look dingy.

4. Clean the Windows

If you have a fireplace or burn candles, your windows likely sport a thin film of soot on the inside, which can block precious sun. Give all your windows a good wipe down.

5. Clean the Kitchen Ceiling

The moisture, fumes and smoke from cooking can create a film on your kitchen ceiling and walls, especially those around the stove. Mix a small amount of mild dish soap in a bucket of warm water and gently wipe with a sponge, using only a minimum amount of water.

Simply the Best Cleaning is available year round to provide you with a professional, top-to-bottom home cleaning.  Call us at (570) 619-4163 or contact us online to arrange your Personal Home Consultation.

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